Mobile Etiquette

About This Project

Client: Intel


The campaigned aimed to promote the Intel Mobile Etiquette survey results in Romania via the local mass media.

It aimed to raise awareness of the Romanians’ users behavior related to the mobile devices and identify the main frustration related to this.

The campaign main target was to promote the need of a Mobile Etiquette code of rules which should be respected when using the mobile devices in public.

The campaign:

  • Intel Romania gave to the most 50 important representatives of the local mass media a box with different items related to the key messages of the Intel Mobile Etiquette study
  • The selected message was the fact that almost 80% of Romanians check their mobile devices first time I the morning before getting off the bed.
  • The box included:
    • Two croissants
    • A shower set
    • Coffee
    • A branded T-Shirt with a Mobile Etiquette personalized message
    • A personalized cup
    • An USB stick
    • A branded pen
    • Intel News
  • Intel Romania created a newspaper called Intel News, an innovative way of promoting the Intel Mobile Etiquette survey results. The results were presented in a different way (with graphics and comparative data with older surveys) for a better understanding.